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Pembroke Financial Services: a well-established IFA with ambitions to grow

Editorial Team, 21 Sep 2016


Taxbriefs has been providing marketing solutions for over forty years. We're showcasing some of our clients' success stories in a series of case studies over the coming weeks.

Pembroke Financial Services is a regional IFA with nine advisers, a group turnover of £2.5 million and £183 under management. The company describes itself as a general practitioner with specialisms.

The challenge

Pembroke Financial Services is a well-established business, having been founded in 1993. The company operates at capacity, and the majority of its clients are introduced. However, it's keen to avoid complacency and wants to look outside of its current client bank for future growth.

For the first time in its history, Pembroke is embarking on a proactive marketing campaign this year aimed at establishing itself as one of the top five financial advisers in the local area. The campaign is headed by managing director Keith Relf, who made the switch from adviser to business development three years ago after the Retail Distribution Review.

The solution

Pembroke initially turned to Taxbriefs in 2012 sourcing a quarterly fully-branded printed and digital newsletter, annual tax tables, monthly Content + blog and social media service, and its suite of Key Guides. The company is now using this content to meet the challenge of successfully implementing its marketing strategy.

The benefits

As Pembroke managing director Keith Relf summarised: "The beauty of Taxbriefs is that no client knows I haven't taken weeks to create such well-written, well-presented, knowledgeable copy. I wasn't aware of the term 'touch points' until recently, or how important they are, and now we have at least one touch point with our top clients every month. This makes it impossible for them to forget us and keeps our brand very much front of mind".

He outlined additional benefits of using each of the individual Taxbriefs products:

  • Branded quarterly newsletters. These are used by both Pembroke and the company's accountancy joint venture. The digital version is proving useful in driving traffic to the company's website, which is a priority this year as it embarks on developing a more integrated marketing campaign.
  • Content +. Taxbriefs' monthly blogging and social media service. Pembroke has only recently embraced social media and is particularly impressed by Content + which provides the company with blog content for its website; content which is also fed to Pembroke's Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages.
  • Key Guides are used by both Pembroke and the joint venture. The company praised Taxbriefs' skill at turning words into great copy that's readable, workable and timely.
  • Pembroke describes the annual Tax Tables as 'very useful' to its clients. The company also used them as an external marketing vehicle, distributing them in receptions of local accountants and solicitors and always gets great feedback.

What Pembroke Financial says about us

"Taxbriefs is good quality and very professional. The team is also very supportive, responsive and responsible. They are always on the ball, evolving with the times and making great suggestions to help us also keep up with change. What they produce is what clients think I - and my company - are capable of producing, so it's critical it's right".


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