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Being more socially engaged online will increase your profits

Phil Lowther, 21 Sep 2012


Most business activity you can think of involves people talking with other people and in no sector is this truer than financial advice.

According to research by PulsePoint Group, companies that fully embrace social engagement online are experiencing four times greater business impact than less engaged companies. Put simply, companies regularly communicating online with their clients are increasing profits.

For financial advisers social media is great for maintaining and enhancing a relationship with clients and prospects alike.

Financial advisers need to establish themselves as experts in a complex field and like offline networking you can build online recognition and contacts using – blogging, Twitter, LinkedIn updates or even regular emails.

By providing the latest information to clients and followers alike the result will be a greater number of enquiries for your services.

Compared to many business markets there are currently only a small percentage of financial advisers who are currently blogging – so why not do what you would naturally do face to face and take this opportunity to put yourself forward?

Taxbriefs offer a range of solutions for those advisers looking to increase client communication online, including our Content Plus service. Call us on 020 7970 4142 to find out more.


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Phil Lowther

Marketing Director, Taxbriefs, Centaur Media PLC

Phil is a b2b digital marketing specialist who has been helping businesses gain new clients and build loyalty, both on and offline, since 2000.

Phil has worked with clients across a number of UK business sectors including Financial Services, HR, Training, Marketing, PR, Legal, Accountancy, Pensions and Charities.


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