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Alerting clients to the Budget’s key IHT changes

Danby Bloch, 19 Apr 2013


Inheritance tax was the focus of some key changes in the 2013 Budget and then the Finance Bill. With estate planning being a central feature of planning services for many clients, advisers need to make clients aware of these changes and their relevance.

This is where a client newsletter is so valuable and why the next edition of the Taxbriefs client newsletter will be particularly effective. The feature story for the forthcoming summer edition will outline these IHT developments and what they mean for clients. The edition will also present a wide range of other powerful articles.

The main changes to IHT include the new rules for non-domiciled spouses (a more common category of client than you might suspect), the freezing of the nil rate band, and how ISAs will be allowed to hold AIM shares and qualify for IHT business property relief. There are also important new anti-avoidance rules including the disallowance of some debt against taxable estates.

Your own newsletter, personalised for your firm, has several complementary functions. You alert clients and prospective clients to important news; you demonstrate the range and depth of your expertise in covering IHT and other different subjects; and you provide a credible example of the quality of your service.

E-newsletters are essential and have many advantages– they are cheap and easy to distribute and clients can access them through your website whenever they want to. Indeed they provide a valuable addition to enriching the quality and relevance of your website. But in many ways, paper newsletters are also still essential marketing tools, and in some respects they have a much greater impact. Clients generally pay much more attention to tangible publications; they are more highly valued and more difficult to ignore. Emails are all too easy to pass over and delete. Printed matter still has a greater impact – especially for older clients.


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Danby Bloch

Editorial Director, Taxbriefs

Danby Bloch is the editorial director of Taxbriefs, chairman of city-based IFAs, Helm Godfrey and director of Nucleus, an independent wrap provider.

Over a period of more than 40 years, Danby has established himself as one of the industry's leading thinkers and  is a respected author, lecturer and trainer on tax and financial planning.




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