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How to make the most of your valuable time as an adviser

Danby Bloch, 03 May 2013


Most information we see is a misleading waste of time. Behavioural finance experts and psychologists have a name for it – information bias. It is the feeling that you know what is going on because you see the TV news, skim read newspapers and perhaps even keep an eye on Twitter feeds. But it is no substitute for having a proper focus on what really matters.

It is pernicious – this belief that we know what is going on. It can lead us to make snap judgements and decisions based on little or no thought or evidence.

But busy financial advisers need their key information presented in a way that is clear, quick to read and relevant to their needs. This is where Taxbriefs Financial Timesaver is so valuable. This monthly newsletter provides you with a summary of the essential developments of the month in a simple structured format. Each article has a strong heading to tell you the subject; a concise first paragraph to give you the gist; a well constructed main description of the subject in question and then a final paragraph summarising the practical impact for advisers. At the end there are website links so you can find out more if you want.

In the May edition, the feature article will be on the impact on advisers of the FCA’s platforms paper. It will be concise, to the point and comprehensive. There is even a self-test questionnaire at the end of the edition to check your understanding, if you want to use it.

The May edition will also have eight more articles including VAT on adviser charging, The Inheritance and Trustees' Powers Bill 2013 – an important piece of legislation affecting intestacy and other key issues – as well as a piece on the implications of the FCA’s first business plan.

And there will be much, much more. But it won’t be a waste of time.


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Danby Bloch

Editorial Director, Taxbriefs

Danby Bloch is the editorial director of Taxbriefs, chairman of city-based IFAs, Helm Godfrey and director of Nucleus, an independent wrap provider.

Over a period of more than 40 years, Danby has established himself as one of the industry's leading thinkers and  is a respected author, lecturer and trainer on tax and financial planning.




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