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“How old is Financial Timesaver?”

John Housden, 10 Jun 2013


It was a question which sent me scurrying to an old lever arch file, where I keep my most ancient Timesaver editions. It turns out that issue 1 was dated October 1997. That was very much a pilot sample, created for initial marketing. The next copy did not emerge until December, after which Timesaver became a monthly publication. Financial Timesaver has come a long way since October 1997, but its goal remains the same – condensing the month’s welter of news into an easy-to-read, considered and relevant twelve pages.

Although the 2013 style and digital delivery is enhanced from the 1997 original, most of the topics remain as relevant today as they were back then. For example, issue 1 had an article about the impact of falling gilt yields on annuity rates and commented, “If income drawdown products are recommended on the basis that annuity rates will be higher in the future, this could be a dangerous strategy.” Not much has changed there. There was also a brief mention of commission rebates, with the then Pension Schemes Office (PSO) warning that their payment could prejudice scheme approval. Issue 2 even boasted a piece on volatility in Far East equity markets, something which came back with a vengeance in May 2013.

While some of the subjects may not have changed much, the rest of Timesaver has. The list of articles had no names against them then, probably because in its early days Timesaver had but one author from front to back page – yours truly. Since then, a team of writers has been recruited. Each writer has a speciality, reflecting the fact that Timesaver is now also an indispensible CPD tool, and has provided self-test questions since May 1999. Although widespread use of the internet was just starting, the ability to do test electronically followed shortly thereafter. Now you can create your CPD certificates and store them, alongside access to the online edition of Timesaver and its archive.

Those early paper editions look very different from today’s digital Timesaver subscription, but if anything today’s version is even more useful than its hardcopy predecessor. In a fast-paced environment like the one we inhabit, it will be exciting to see what Timesaver will look like, and discuss, in another 15 years or so!

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John Housden

Editorial Consultant

John Housden is a qualified actuary who has worked in the personal financial services industry for 40 years.

A former technical director for a life company and longstanding contributor to a wide variety of Taxbriefs publications.


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