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Autumn Statement 2014 on the horizon

Taxbriefs Client Marketing, 11 Nov 2014


On 3 December George Osborne will deliver what may or may not be his last Autumn Statement. As a warm up for the 2015 Budget, the last before the general election in May, there will be the usual round of media punditry and saturation surrounding the speech. The details of what’s actually been said can get lost in the cut and thrust of commentary.

As usual, we will be producing our overnight summary of the Autumn Statement for advisory firms to personalise and send out to clients the next day. We focus on what’s in the details – the documentation from the Treasury (and HMRC where relevant), the background notes, the things left unsaid. And we try to distill it into a readable eight pages so that your clients have a branded, easy to use summary personalised with all your contact details and services.

This year the Chancellor is expected to announce:

  • Further details on the future treatment of pension death benefits and the potential abolition of the contribution ceiling at age 75.
  • Potential changes to Venture Capital Trust and Enterprise investment scheme rules following a consultation over the summer.
  • More information on the reform of discretionary trust taxation.
  • Revisions to rules on personal allowances for non-residents.
  • Changes to national insurance contributions to reflect the arrival of the single tier state pension in 2016.
  • The introduction of a new criminal offence relating to offshore tax evasion.
  • Further tightening of the DOTAS regime.
  • And…a ‘giveaway’ that will only happen if Mr Osborne remains Chancellor after 7 May

Whether you communicate with your network of clients and professional contacts mainly through email or your website, or prefer to mark these major events with printed materials, this is a significant communications opportunity second only to the Budget.

Order your personalised Autumn Statement by 19 November and let your clients know that you’ve cut through the hype and focussed on what’s been announced, how they may be affected and reminded them of what you can do to help.

Find out how to make the most of the Autumn Statement for your marketing. 


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