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Five ways to make the Budget work for you

Taxbriefs Client Marketing, 30 Apr 2015


In line with death and taxes, you can also be sure of Budgets. They come round every year (18 March for 2015 and who knows after the election in May) but the media build-up, laced with strategic leaks, sometimes makes the actual event seem like an anti-climax.

There are, however, surprises that every Chancellor usually manages to keep up his sleeve (they have all been ‘he’ so far). In 2014 George Osborne set the bar even higher for subsequent Budget bombshells with his pension flexibility announcements, come to fruition from the start of the new tax year. Despite the run of the mill feeling of the annual Budget cycle, everyone gets caught up in it and expects finance professionals to be on top of it.

So why should you make the most of the marketing opportunity presented by the Budget?

1              The news cycle

The Budget is the biggest event in the annual financial calendar. There is always a buzz around it and even more so in an election year, like 2015. There might even be two of them. Your clients know you keep up to date with developments on their behalf, so how better to cement your professionalism than by sending them a personalised summary of the Budget statement, either in print or digitally? With your company name and details prominent on the covers, they will know how to get in touch if anything in the Chancellor’s speech seems likely to have an impact on them or their family finances.

Action: Analyse your clients and contacts data and decide who might require printed Summaries and who should receive digital copies.

2              Your marketing plan

Your marketing plan probably runs on a calendar year. Once the self-assessment tax returns deadline has passed, the next thing on the horizon is the Budget and the new financial year. The Budget affords the best marketing and communication opportunity of the year to get in touch with all your clients and clearly let them know what the key issues for the new tax year are.

Action: Review your marketing plan to make sure you’ve factored the Budget in.

3              The new tax year

While many new tax rates are announced earlier than the Budget, they are not set until the Budget. These are the rates your clients and contacts will be paying or discussing with you through the next year, so how better to keep those front and centre then with branded tax cards? We have a variety of print and digital options to ensure that your clients know exactly what their allowances are and who best to discuss them with.

Action: Work out the main tax issues your clients come to you with and use them as a springboard for your tax tables’ communication.

4              New business

Everyone knows about the Budget, so where better to start with new clients when showcasing  your firm. It’s important when meeting potential clients for the first time that they really understand the service you can offer them. As part of a welcome pack, personalised Budget Summaries and Tax Tables are a great way to showcase that your firm is up to date and committed to ensuring that they receive the best guidance and advice.

Action: Review your new business welcome pack.

5              Flexible marketing opportunities

The Budget isn’t just a static event. It has long term repercussions and is discussed widely on and off line. You may wish to send printed Budget Summaries to some of your top end clients, but also ensure that other segments of your client base receive the same, branded information. So a mixture of print and digital options is the best way to ensure cost-effective and long-term coverage of the key announcements across all your client and professional contacts.

Upload a PDF to your website, add social media updates to your firm’s online platforms and keep hard copies for new business prospects to take away after their first visit. A joined up, flexible approach will mean you can make the most of Budget 2015.

Action: Review your online and offline Budget marketing requirements and cover all the bases.


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