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Summer Budget 2015: a marketing opportunity not to be missed

Taxbriefs Client Marketing, 03 Jun 2015


The Summer Budget on 8 July is only five weeks away. It’s an ideal opportunity for your firm to refresh your mid-year marketing. Our latest Taxbriefs blog covers some key issues you need to be thinking about. So how can you make the most of it?

The Chancellor’s announcement of a second, post-election Budget on 8 July has restarted the speculation mill. Some of the announcements from the March Budget are expected to be enacted – such as the reduction of the lifetime allowance to £1 million – but we can expect the rumours to escalate as we move through June. Here are five ways you can make the most of it.

1 It’s the news

The July Budget is the next big event in the annual financial calendar. It’s a great opportunity to communicate your services to your clients again, highlighting any new and forthcoming provisions. Update your social media platforms with key announcements on 8 July using our Key Points.

Action: Work out your communication strategy for Summer Budget day on 8 July. Do you need social media updates?

2 Your marketing plan

What worked well in your marketing plan on the first Budget? What didn’t’ work? This is good opportunity to try a something new, focus on your digital communication or think about how to reach new clients. Mixing digital and print options is the best way to ensure cost-effective and long-term coverage of the key announcements across all your contacts.

Action: Review your plan for the March Budget to work out the best way to cover the Summer Budget 2015. Do you need to add a digital element?

3 Flexible marketing opportunities

The Budget isn’t just a static event – it has long term repercussions. This is where digital marketing comes into its own. You may wish to send printed Budget Summaries to some of your top end clients, but also ensure that other segments of your client base receive the same, branded information quickly and cost-effectively.

Upload a PDF or PDF flipbook of the Budget Summary to your website, add social media updates to your firm’s online platforms and email a PDF or link to a PDF flipbook to new clients and contacts. The information can act as a springboard for profitable client conversations.

Action: Review your online and offline Budget marketing requirements and cover all the bases. What mix of print and digital will work best for you?

4 Tax rates data

While the tax rates for 2015/16 were set in the first Budget, they could change in the second. Personalised tax tables are a great way to update your clients. Add a PDF of the tax tables to your website, or upgrade to a flipbook, so that your clients have year-round access to the key rates.

Action: Work out the main tax issues your clients come to you with and use them as the basis of your tax tables’ communication. What are the top five questions?

5 New business

Most people Google any new firm they plan to do business with. Showcase your firm’s expertise to potential new clients on your website with up-to-date Budget information and tax data. This will show that your firm is up to date and committed to ensuring that your clients receive the best guidance and advice.

Action: Review what information you need to include on your website to make sure it’s up to date with the Summer Budget 2015 announcements. Does your site reflect your expertise?

A joined up, flexible approach will mean you can make the most of the Summer Budget 2015. Visit our recommended Budget bundles page to find the right package for your firm.


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