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Highlight your company news: relationships are personal

Editorial Team, 16 Jun 2016


Here at Taxbriefs, we run marathons, support charities, and volunteer. What are the people in your company doing outside of work? Ask - they might surprise you! It might also surprise and engage your clients.

Whenever your business has anything newsworthy to share, it should go out in your newsletter. Company news can be anything from showcasing recent work you've done for a client to announcing a new location of the opening of a new branch.

Employee spotlights and profiles humanise the company and help strengthen the community around your brand. Have there been any new qualifications, births, marriages or retirements? (obviously you should seek permission from whoever this concerns first). you could also spotlight the company's founders, a related historical event and more.

Why not show a lighter side to your business with fun images and quotes? Are you following the football this month? Or you could talk about employees' hobbies. Just make sure it's in keeping with your brand and your audience.

You don't have to include all of these in your newsletter, but it helps to make it personal.


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